Wall Graphics (aka wall decals, wall murals or wall stickers)

Wall graphics are a great way to liven up your office space.

Picture the lobby or a hallway of your office. What does it say about your company? If it’s blank, what message or image do you want to portray?


Brand identity is critical to stand out from the rest. Wall graphics establish a visual identity or message to associate with your brand.

One option is to create a focal point. For example, if you run a veterinary office, display a large wall decal of healthy pets playing in the backyard. Or if you’re downtown, a colorful cityscape mural is beautiful and a great conversation starter.

Another option is to create a power word. State your company’s mission or core values. Or combine photos with a message – such as founding members and their philosophies.

Wall graphics can double as art and a message. They’re bold, colorful, and impactful. Strong messages set a mood and evoke emotion.

Wall graphics are affordable, more sustainable than paint, and safe for most surfaces. Logos, sports teams, mission statements, company images…these are just a few of the wall graphics we’ve created for our customers.


Benefits of Custom Wall Graphics

Interior wall graphics require a quality material for longevity. VSD Graphix uses quality 3M™ products to give you the best application.

We use precision-cut lettering to create custom wall graphics. This ensures your wall deal reflects the details in your art file.

Installation and removal are both easy. Because of their affordability, it’s easy to keep your message current with wall graphics.

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