Metal Signs

Metal signs are lightweight, highly customizable, and durable, making them one of our most popular products. Customers love the numerous design options that metal signs offer. We’ll explore options for you regarding density, imagery, and vinyl lettering, just to name a few.


Aluminum metal signs come in standard sizes, such as 4×8 and 3×5. But we can custom dimensions for metal signs, so don’t be afraid to get creative. We do this on a regular basis and it’s easy for most projects.

Typically, we recommend 3M™ Brand Vinyls, which are the best on the market. Our CNC machine can create your laser-cut metal sign in a matter of seconds.


Durability of Metal Signs

On the practical side, aluminum metal signs are popular because of their durability.

Metal signs are resistant to rust and water damage. Metal signs survive the elements better than other signs, such as those made of plastic or wood.

Also, metal signs are available in two densities. There’s a heavier density for free-standing signs. We use lower-density aluminum signs for signs that may be installed across other structures, such as brick.

The difference in densities might seem subtle to most people, but it makes a difference in the installation of your metal sign. No problem – we assess the details of your project to recommend the density best for your sign.

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