Flyers or Promo Cards

The word “flyers” makes you think of those papers people hand you on the street or leave on your windshield. Certainly, flyers like that are a great way to target a particular audience. If the message and quality are top-notch, they can be an effective marketing tool.

Flyers have evolved, however. Today, they are commonly now called “promo cards.”


We create promo cards out of heavy-weighted card stock with texture. Imagine your business card on steroids.

Of course, you usually include contact information like a business card. But take it a step further and be creative with your message to stand out from the crowd. For example, promo cards can include a special promotion or discount. Or add a QR code to direct them to a landing page or your website.

For trade shows, chamber meetings, and lobbies, promo cards are eye-catching and informative. They make a great impression and they won’t get lost in the pile of business cards after the event.

Promo cards are great for brand identity, affordable, and production time is fast. Many local businesses in Ashland use the promo cards in a bundle of promotional items

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